December 16, 2017

When Intuition Goes Funky

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Intuition isn’t spiritual or divine. We are all born with intuition. We don’t use it because we think it’s something only some people have, we don’t trust ourselves, and we don’t know what it is.

Like everything, intuition isn’t perfect. Sometimes it goes funky. Here’s some quick tips on that.

You don’t have to be a professional to be intuitive. You can learn to use your intuition. Find a good teacher, work at it, and experiment. You need a teacher because most of us confuse intuition with spirituality or metaphysical mindsets, and fail to tap its enormous power. Unfortunately, that power can adversely affect us, so you need the skill-set to manage it, starting with a good teacher. Like all skills, intuition requires practice and patience, and, yes, you can do it.

Have a sense of humor. I live in a mindset I know is real because I experience it daily. It’s a world where everything has a soul, is alive, conscious, has a responsibility, a job, and opinions. That’s why I know the limitations of quantum physics: it doesn’t explain anything but the self-limiting human mindset. So, do I believe in signs and synchronicities? No, but they happen anyway, and when they do I’m ruthless about seizing whatever opportunity shows up. See? No one knows everything, but a sense of humor can get you through anything. Good or bad.

It’s great, but, yes, intuition can be funky. Sometimes our intuition just doesn’t kick in, even for professional intuitives. There are some things you can do about it:

  • Take a break, rest up, relax.
  • Find a partner to practice with.
  • Distinguish intuition from everything else, from facts and common sense to personal experience and emotions.
  • When in doubt, sing. Yes, sometimes we try too hard, our analytical mind takes over. I realized that years ago when I was frustrated trying to communicate with my dogs. My thinking was blocking intuition, which is lightning fast. So I bathed the dogs (hint: occupy your body to get your head out of the way), asking to hear their essence. Then I opened my mouth and let it out as song, not words, simply notes and beat. What came out was perfect: sound that matched what I knew was not just their individual personalities, but who they were. Deep down. Soul level. Awesome!

Try these tips and let me know how they worked for you!

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz