December 16, 2017

Earthquake Warning: Central California, Feb. 20, 2017

Earthquake!I work as a professional intuitive.

Sadly, I have a warning: I see a major earthquake on the central California coast on or about Feb. 20, 2017. This quake will register approximately 8.0 and include a large tsunami registering as far south as San Diego and as far north as Eureka, CA.

The biggest impact will be the San Francisco area, although all coastal regions will suffer major damage. The damage will extend far inland near the epicenter.

Please arrange to be elsewhere during that time. Please! I hesitate to say this is the “big one,” but it will still be massive. However, it does not appear to be on the San Andreas fault, but closer to what is called the Hayward Fault near San Francisco.

How I Know About This Earthquake

I became aware of this quake during a private intuitive session with a client in San Diego on Jan. 3 this year. During our session I felt the session “shift” and then I saw a tsunami arrive in San Diego. At first I thought it was symbolic of situations we were discussing, but I quickly became aware that I was seeing the aftereffects of a major earthquake. I had to end my client session and trace the event back to the source: San Francisco.

I was puzzled by this, since tsunamis are not part of the California quake pattern. Aware of a recent major film with a similar scenario, I was hoping I was imagining it. Sadly, I am not. This means that the quake, or at least the tsunami, will be caused by a major land slippage, either on or off shore. An alternative is that the tsunami will be from a major quake elsewhere in the Pacific Rim and arrive about the same time as the earthquake strikes California.

If this quake occurs as I have seen it, the results will be catastrophic. People, animals, and the land around the quake zone and the tsunami areas will be destroyed.

I hope I am wrong. It happens, and nothing would make me happier than to be wrong in this case. But I have not been wrong in many of the quakes I have seen in the past, and this time I want people to be aware of what’s coming. Please take every precaution.

How I Know Earthquakes Are Coming

Let me tell you who I am. I work as a professional intuitive, and part of my work involves predictions. I prefer to keep these to predictions about things people can actually affect, such as personal and business insights. As a rational, skeptical person, I am naturally disinclined to trust “predictions”: they smack of irresponsible fear-mongering.

Yet I see what I see. I am an intuitive who works with weather and land systems. I have been doing this all my life, and most notably since 2001.

With earthquakes, I become aware of their magnitude, time, and location. Not all of them are major, but they have one thing in common: every quake I hear is connected to a ley line rupture (a subject for another time). That includes the 2004 quake and tsunami in Indonesia and the October 8, 2005 quake in Pakistan to minor quakes, mostly in the U.S.

“Red Thread Events”: Human Manipulation in Quakes and Storms

There is another aspect to this earthquake that can and will disturb many people, because very few people are aware that our land and weather systems can and are being directly manipulated by humans. By that I mean that there are people who can and do change the course of a hurricane and manipulate the land to cause earthquakes.

I am not the only intuitive who knows this type of work is going on, but I am probably the only one brave, or foolish, enough to publicly announce it. But once I saw this coming earthquake, I decided I could no longer work silently.

There have been so many of these events in recent months that I am calling them “red thread events.” That means that what is a natural event or system is being manipulated by humans to be more powerful and/or destructive than it was originally meant to be. That includes earthquakes, wind and rain storms, hurricanes, and snow and ice events.

Here is the truth about how our planet works. Everything is alive, has consciousness, rights, responsibilities, a job to do, and free choice to do it. Everything has a soul. That includes earthquakes and hurricanes. Our planet is a delicate balance of all life working together. I will write more about how these events actually benefit the planet at other times.

What You Need to Know About Feb. 20, 2017

Right now, what everyone needs to know is this:

  • An earthquake of at least a magnitude 8.0 will occur in the San Francisco region on or about Feb. 20, 2017.
  • The earthquake will be accompanied by a large tsunami from the San Diego region to Eureka, California. This tsunami may be from another massive quake in the Pacific Rim on the same day.
  • This event will cause massive damage to at least the central California coast, changing the landscape dramatically.
  • This event will be worse because it is also being manipulated by hostile, foreign people who have no love for the United States and wish to cause major harm to our country and its people.
  • I am doing my best to “undo” what I call the “red threads,” or human manipulation, of this earthquake. If I am successful the results will not be as catastrophic as I fear.
  • If you believe that this is even remotely true, please spread the word so we can protect as many people, animals, buildings, and land systems as possible—by getting as far away from that region as possible.

The only effective remedy to extreme hate, which is behind the human element of this event, is to respond rationally and calmly. To refuse to fear but to spread love—a deep, abiding respect for the power of nature and true role of these events—so the effects of the hatred are mitigated.

What You Can Do

If you would like to participate in countering this “red thread event,” please do this:

  • Do not use Reiki or other energy systems to “push away” or otherwise alter the event. That can make it worse.
  • Do use energy, peace, love, and respect to help strip away the “red threads” in this event, so what is left is the natural energy of a natural land event—the quake itself and how the land and sea adjust to it. Do this by simply sending love to erase the “red threads.” And love and support to people like me who are doing the actual removal work.
  • Do “talk” with that area, offering it peace and love and the support of equal being to equal being (because all things have souls, and soul-to-soul connection is the most powerful there is). You can do this because you are human and you care. You do not need to be a professional intuitive or even know that you are intuitive (we all are). You just need to be someone who loves—and cares—and wants a peaceful planet where humans do not wage war on each other through any means, particularly by manipulating natural events.
  • Do not write me and comment, either positively or negatively. This post reflects as much as I know and all that needs to be said at this time. Spend your time and energy constructively by supporting California in this crisis. And America.

Peace. Love. I hope I am wrong. Either way, let’s meet on the other side and join together to contribute to the welfare of our beloved planet. There literally is nothing else.

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz


  1. Any updates or intuitions? West coast in general or California specific? Oregon is waiting for a huge earthquake. Thanks

    • It’s still coming Jessie. Hang in there. We are working to remove the human element and are succeeding at least in part.