June 27, 2017

Space clearing for Your Business, part 4

elements-of-a-clear-spaceIn the last article of the series I show how a business space clearing really works.

Find this article at The Wellness Universe, part 4 on space clearing.

Space clearing isn’t just for ghostbusting, although that can be useful. (Besides, ghosts just need a hand up, not a swat.) To boost your business, to keep employees and clients satisfied, to generally feel well at work (and at home), consider a space clearing. It really does make a difference.

Space Clearing for Your Business Part 1

When Intuition Goes Funky

rainbow leftovers

Intuition isn’t spiritual or divine. We are all born with intuition. We don’t use it because we think it’s something only some people have, we don’t trust ourselves, and we don’t know what it is.

Like everything, intuition isn’t perfect. Sometimes it goes funky. Here’s some quick tips on that.

You don’t have to be a professional to be intuitive. You can learn to use your intuition. Find a good teacher, work at it, and experiment. You need a teacher because most of us confuse intuition with spirituality or metaphysical mindsets, and fail to tap its enormous power. Unfortunately, that power can adversely affect us, so you need the skill-set to manage it, starting with a good teacher. Like all skills, intuition requires practice and patience, and, yes, you can do it.

Have a sense of humor. I live in a mindset I know is real because I experience it daily. It’s a world where everything has a soul, is alive, conscious, has a responsibility, a job, and opinions. That’s why I know the limitations of quantum physics: it doesn’t explain anything but the self-limiting human mindset. So, do I believe in signs and synchronicities? No, but they happen anyway, and when they do I’m ruthless about seizing whatever opportunity shows up. See? No one knows everything, but a sense of humor can get you through anything. Good or bad.

It’s great, but, yes, intuition can be funky. Sometimes our intuition just doesn’t kick in, even for professional intuitives. There are some things you can do about it:

  • Take a break, rest up, relax.
  • Find a partner to practice with.
  • Distinguish intuition from everything else, from facts and common sense to personal experience and emotions.
  • When in doubt, sing. Yes, sometimes we try too hard, our analytical mind takes over. I realized that years ago when I was frustrated trying to communicate with my dogs. My thinking was blocking intuition, which is lightning fast. So I bathed the dogs (hint: occupy your body to get your head out of the way), asking to hear their essence. Then I opened my mouth and let it out as song, not words, simply notes and beat. What came out was perfect: sound that matched what I knew was not just their individual personalities, but who they were. Deep down. Soul level. Awesome!

Try these tips and let me know how they worked for you!

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz 

Earthquake Warning: Central California, Feb. 20, 2017

Earthquake!I work as a professional intuitive.

Sadly, I have a warning: I see a major earthquake on the central California coast on or about Feb. 20, 2017. This quake will register approximately 8.0 and include a large tsunami registering as far south as San Diego and as far north as Eureka, CA.

The biggest impact will be the San Francisco area, although all coastal regions will suffer major damage. The damage will extend far inland near the epicenter.

Please arrange to be elsewhere during that time. Please! I hesitate to say this is the “big one,” but it will still be massive. However, it does not appear to be on the San Andreas fault, but closer to what is called the Hayward Fault near San Francisco.

How I Know About This Earthquake

I became aware of this quake during a private intuitive session with a client in San Diego on Jan. 3 this year. During our session I felt the session “shift” and then I saw a tsunami arrive in San Diego. At first I thought it was symbolic of situations we were discussing, but I quickly became aware that I was seeing the aftereffects of a major earthquake. I had to end my client session and trace the event back to the source: San Francisco.

I was puzzled by this, since tsunamis are not part of the California quake pattern. Aware of a recent major film with a similar scenario, I was hoping I was imagining it. Sadly, I am not. This means that the quake, or at least the tsunami, will be caused by a major land slippage, either on or off shore. An alternative is that the tsunami will be from a major quake elsewhere in the Pacific Rim and arrive about the same time as the earthquake strikes California.

If this quake occurs as I have seen it, the results will be catastrophic. People, animals, and the land around the quake zone and the tsunami areas will be destroyed.

I hope I am wrong. It happens, and nothing would make me happier than to be wrong in this case. But I have not been wrong in many of the quakes I have seen in the past, and this time I want people to be aware of what’s coming. Please take every precaution.

How I Know Earthquakes Are Coming

Let me tell you who I am. I work as a professional intuitive, and part of my work involves predictions. I prefer to keep these to predictions about things people can actually affect, such as personal and business insights. As a rational, skeptical person, I am naturally disinclined to trust “predictions”: they smack of irresponsible fear-mongering.

Yet I see what I see. I am an intuitive who works with weather and land systems. I have been doing this all my life, and most notably since 2001.

With earthquakes, I become aware of their magnitude, time, and location. Not all of them are major, but they have one thing in common: every quake I hear is connected to a ley line rupture (a subject for another time). That includes the 2004 quake and tsunami in Indonesia and the October 8, 2005 quake in Pakistan to minor quakes, mostly in the U.S.

“Red Thread Events”: Human Manipulation in Quakes and Storms

There is another aspect to this earthquake that can and will disturb many people, because very few people are aware that our land and weather systems can and are being directly manipulated by humans. By that I mean that there are people who can and do change the course of a hurricane and manipulate the land to cause earthquakes.

I am not the only intuitive who knows this type of work is going on, but I am probably the only one brave, or foolish, enough to publicly announce it. But once I saw this coming earthquake, I decided I could no longer work silently.

There have been so many of these events in recent months that I am calling them “red thread events.” That means that what is a natural event or system is being manipulated by humans to be more powerful and/or destructive than it was originally meant to be. That includes earthquakes, wind and rain storms, hurricanes, and snow and ice events.

Here is the truth about how our planet works. Everything is alive, has consciousness, rights, responsibilities, a job to do, and free choice to do it. Everything has a soul. That includes earthquakes and hurricanes. Our planet is a delicate balance of all life working together. I will write more about how these events actually benefit the planet at other times.

What You Need to Know About Feb. 20, 2017

Right now, what everyone needs to know is this:

  • An earthquake of at least a magnitude 8.0 will occur in the San Francisco region on or about Feb. 20, 2017.
  • The earthquake will be accompanied by a large tsunami from the San Diego region to Eureka, California. This tsunami may be from another massive quake in the Pacific Rim on the same day.
  • This event will cause massive damage to at least the central California coast, changing the landscape dramatically.
  • This event will be worse because it is also being manipulated by hostile, foreign people who have no love for the United States and wish to cause major harm to our country and its people.
  • I am doing my best to “undo” what I call the “red threads,” or human manipulation, of this earthquake. If I am successful the results will not be as catastrophic as I fear.
  • If you believe that this is even remotely true, please spread the word so we can protect as many people, animals, buildings, and land systems as possible—by getting as far away from that region as possible.

The only effective remedy to extreme hate, which is behind the human element of this event, is to respond rationally and calmly. To refuse to fear but to spread love—a deep, abiding respect for the power of nature and true role of these events—so the effects of the hatred are mitigated.

What You Can Do

If you would like to participate in countering this “red thread event,” please do this:

  • Do not use Reiki or other energy systems to “push away” or otherwise alter the event. That can make it worse.
  • Do use energy, peace, love, and respect to help strip away the “red threads” in this event, so what is left is the natural energy of a natural land event—the quake itself and how the land and sea adjust to it. Do this by simply sending love to erase the “red threads.” And love and support to people like me who are doing the actual removal work.
  • Do “talk” with that area, offering it peace and love and the support of equal being to equal being (because all things have souls, and soul-to-soul connection is the most powerful there is). You can do this because you are human and you care. You do not need to be a professional intuitive or even know that you are intuitive (we all are). You just need to be someone who loves—and cares—and wants a peaceful planet where humans do not wage war on each other through any means, particularly by manipulating natural events.
  • Do not write me and comment, either positively or negatively. This post reflects as much as I know and all that needs to be said at this time. Spend your time and energy constructively by supporting California in this crisis. And America.

Peace. Love. I hope I am wrong. Either way, let’s meet on the other side and join together to contribute to the welfare of our beloved planet. There literally is nothing else.

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz

November Workshop! Come Meet Your Spiritual Team, Explore Your Soul Purpose

Seattle sun dog, 6-11-14Most of us are curious about our soul team. Do you call them angels or spirit guides? How about spiritual team? Did you know at least one member of your team is a powerful leader who can help you determine what your soul purpose is and how to achieve it?

By popular demand, I’m offering a short workshop on what our spiritual teams are and how to meet and work with them. Whether you’re a newbie at actually talking with your guide or an old pro, you’ll get valuable insight on your relationship with them. And leave with specific tools to help you deepen it!

Hands-On Workshop
Meet Your Spiritual Team to Help Discover and Fulfill YYour Soul Purpose
Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016
1-3:30 p.m., Fee: $50 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know who your spiritual team is? Is it one or more spirit guides?
  • Did you know you could have a spirit guide for different areas of your life? Personal? Business? Your soul work?
  • Did you know one guide in particular can help you master self-doubt, create a life plan, or help you tap your creativity?
  • Did you know you have to do more than ask for help? Do you know how?
  • Did you know that sometimes you outgrow your guide and need a new one? Do you know how to do that?

You’ll learn all about it in this workshop. Together we will:

  • Discuss what spirit guides are, how they work, and what that means for you, from what to look for in a guide to how to monitor your team and create a useful and inspiring partnership.
  • Carefully determine your unique quest for the day: soul purpose, yes, but what does that mean to you?
  • Enter a deep meditative trance to meet your spiritual team, including the guide for your quest.
  • Undertake a spiritual journey with your team.
  • Emerge from the meditation with a gift tailored to your needs and your spirit guide/team primed to continue to support you.

In addition, each participant will:

  • Receive a recording of a guided meditation to continue to connect with their spiritual team
  • Receive a 15-minute private follow-up within one week

Limited to six participants!

The First Step to a Successful Holistic Business: Space Clearing, Part 3

lavenderPart 3 of 3, first published in NatPath

In the last of a three-part series on space clearing for businesses, I’m going to walk you through an actual clearing. While this is directed to your business, you can also adapt this ritual for your homes.

In Part 1 we discussed what space clearing is—the energetic equivalent of vacuuming and dusting a space. Used regularly, space clearing will keep energy flowing smoothly in your space, supporting you, your staff, your clients, and the space itself as you build on a healthy, balanced place for your business to thrive in.

Your first step was to establish an energetic baseline by using your five senses and your intuition to evaluate each room in your business. Note what is working, what isn’t, and what is neutral.

Your second step was to determine what you need and want from the space by working through exactly what needs to happen in the space to support everyone. Then you list 3-4 specific things you want from that space. Decide how it would feel if the space were ideal for all concerned, what it takes to get that way, what your general intent is.

Then comes the part most space clearing professionals forget—that is, asking the space what it needs and wants from you, your staff, and your clients. Yes, the space. Why? Because whether we realize it or not, everything is alive, including your business space. Asking what it needs and wants and negotiating change is crucial to clearing the space—and helping your business thrive.

And that’s where we’re at in this article.

Conducting the Actual Space Clearing

So, the day for the space clearing has arrived. Ideally you are doing this outside of normal business hours, so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Or you’ve arranged for a few hours in the day when clients aren’t present if you’ve hired a professional (which I’d suggest, and not just because I am one, but because a professional offers the experience to deal with tricky situations and the neutrality to balance concerns and demands).

If staff are present, brief them on what’s going to happen, and even invite them to participate. Some will join in out of curiosity, others will not, their choice, of course.

First step: gather your space clearing tools. These include:

  • Incense for clearing: it can be something like sage (not my favorite), copal (one of the best), sandalwood, nag champa (another favorite). Some people are sensitive to fragrances or smoke; if that’s the case, there are clearing sprays out there that are unscented that also work. You can also create your own clearing spray by soaking a quartz crystal in water for a few hours, and using that water. Experiment.
  • Candles: smokeless candles or even the kind with batteries offer a nice ceremonial touch.
  • Flowers: lavender is a good clearing flower. However, try buying or gathering a bouquet from your garden. As you gather the flowers, concentrate on your business space, and “choose” what feels right to you (yes, this is using your intuition).
  • Pictures, crystals, objects that mean something to you, your staff, and the space: You can set up a space clearing “altar” for these objects (including candles and flowers). They help set the mood and carry the energy for the clearing. And can remain set up afterwards as a reminder of the clearing.
  • Sea salt: I love Himalayan sea salt, but any salt will do. Prepare to sprinkle it in the space or set a small amount in a bowl in each room. You can put water in each bowl if you’d like.
  • A bell: I use a small bronze Tibetan singing bowl. Use anything that offers a clear tone.

Second step: gather your notes. You’ve made notes on what you want from the space and the clearing, and questions for the space.

Third step: open the space clearing session. Gather all the participants, light the candles, and state your intention for the clearing.

Fourth step: open negotiations with your space. Granted, this is easier with a space clearing professional who can more easily connect directly with the space, but don’t be afraid to try this on your own. It can take getting really quiet, and allowing the connection with the space to occur however your intuition most strongly works. For example, we are all a combination of intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing, but most of us are stronger at one of these skills. Use yours.

If you intuitively see well, look around: what do you notice about the space? If you intuitively hear, ask it to tell you what it needs. If you intuitively feel, how does the space feel to you? If you intuitively know, take the first hit that tells you something about the space, it’s usually the answer.

Granted, most people skip this step, because they have a hard time thinking a space can communicate with them. Don’t be that way. Over time you will become very familiar with how your space responds to the people in it, and your business will improve—I know, I’ve seen it over and over. I tell people: be comfortable with weird! It gets you places!

Opening negotiations includes decision-making. At some point, you will decide what the clearing will involve. Yes, you eliminate stuck energy so the business can run smoothly. Take what you learned from your wish list, and your space’s, and include that in the clearing. After telling the space (and the people involved) what those solutions are, you can proceed with the clearing.

Fifth step: conduct the actual space clearing. Proceed to clear the space. Using the incense or spray, move through each room, making sure your intention for clearing and the smoke/spray spread throughout the space, especially in the corners. You can “sweep” the spray with feathers or simply your hands, and invite the space to clear. Pay particular attention to the space: what do you notice? If the room still feels “stuck” after you clear it, go over it again.

After each room is cleared, put a small bowl of sea salt in it. You can put water in the bowl if you’d like. Change the sea salt/water daily for the next week. It helps to continue the clearing, and it reminds people that a clearing was conducted.

Once the entire space is cleared, go back over it again with your bell. This helps remind the participants, both people and the space, that a cleaingr has occurred. It will also let you know if you missed something—when I use my Tibetan singing bowl, a clear tone tells me the space is clear, but a wobbly tone tells me that the clearing needs a boost. Sometimes ringing the bowl a few times completes it, and sometimes I need to stop, look at what I might have missed, digging a bit deeper to uncover and solve the issue. When the bell finally sounds clear, I know the work is done. So will you.

Sixth step: celebrating the clearing. Space clearing is essential for a healthy business space, but it can also be exhausting, because you are clearing yourself as well as the space. So give yourself a break. Take some time for yourself—drink lots of water, rest, reflect on the experience, get a good night’s sleep. Be sure to thank everyone for participating, and invite them, too, to take some time for themselves.

Your business will thank you for it. So will your staff and clients. Even those who don’t pay attention to their intuition will likely notice that it just feels great coming to your business. Which is great, right?

Try a space clearing for your business. Let me know what you experienced. I always enjoy hearing from people.

© 2016 Robyn M Fritz

The First Step to a Successful Holistic Business: Space Clearing, Part 2

elements-of-a-clear-spacePart 2 of 3 (first published in NatPath)

In Part 1 of this series on space clearing for businesses I discussed why space clearing should be your first thought for maintaining and growing a successful holistic business. Yes, staffing and client attraction and retention are essential, but without a clear space, you will always be playing catch-up.

I also explained how you can tell if your space needs clearing using all five of your senses and your intuition to determine a baseline for your business space, room by room. This “space inventory” will show you what areas feel perfect, neutral, and or need more attention in a focused space clearing (although the entire space should be cleared regularly).

Again, space clearing is the energetic, or vibrational, equivalent to vacuuming and dusting. Because everything is alive, including our spaces and the objects in them, everything that occurs in and around them spreads out and affects everything else in the vicinity—and goes home with people. Meaning? As we go about our day, little bits of our emotions and experiences spin off us and get left in the spaces we visit (and, yes, stuck on the people who pass through that space, so we pick up others’ “stuff”).

This is how energy gets “stuck,” or doesn’t flow smoothly. You can tell if business is off, or if people are tired or lackluster for no good reason. Space clearing gets the energy flowing smoothly again, acting as the background prop to happy, prosperous lives (and businesses).

This month I’m going to cover the next step in the space clearing process—zeroing in on what you want from the space you work in, from outlining what you need and want, which is how you fix imbalances, to the step most professional space clearing experts (and business owners) don’t consider: learning what the space has to say about itself and the people it encounters.

When You Know You Need Space Clearing

The thing we tend to forget is that nothing stays clear without assistance. That’s why we’re always cleaning house and organizing our desks. Vibrational clearing is actually more intense, because both people and spaces (and the objects in them) are alive and have feelings, and when emotions and thoughts spin off and mingle in a space, they inevitably clash.

Sometimes people are offended at the suggestion of a space clearing, not because they consider it “woo-wooey” (although some do), but because they think it implies that something is wrong with it, and, by extension, them. It doesn’t mean that at all. Change happens, and regular clearings help. Acknowledging change, or even a sudden disruption in your business, with a space clearing helps keep everyone at their best, including the space.

Even if things are great, space clearing can be a beautiful and uplifting ceremony to just have fun with your spaces.

Determining What You Need and Want from Your Business Space

Of course, you can clear your spaces yourself, and I recommend that you develop a regular practice of doing so. It will help you develop rituals that connect you with your spaces and the rhythms of life, especially if you do it monthly or seasonally. It will also help you stay attuned to what your space needs to be its best, which helps you be your best (honest).

There are also many reasons why you’d want a professional to clear your space. Having a neutral, objective outsider can provide insight on staff productivity and vitality; client comfort; remodeling or changing offices; and sudden or ongoing disruption, including trauma and, yes, “ghosts.”

Forming an Intent and Listing Specifics

So, the first thing you do is establish your baseline for clearing, as explained in Part 1. You employ all your senses to discover how your space appears to you: sight, sound, taste, touch, hearing, and intuition. That will provide insight into things you might want to deal with.

Next consider your goals for a clearing. You will do two things:

  • You will determine what you need and want.
  • You will ask what the space needs and wants.

Yes, your space is alive, remember? So you need to ask its opinion (you will probably be surprised). But start by deciding what you need and want in the clearing. What would you like to accomplish? Peace of mind? Relaxation? Creative spark? An inviting business space? A celebration? This is your general intent for a space clearing.

Then list 3-4 specific things you need and want from a space. You want more clients and more money. But what would that look like? How would it feel? What does it take to get that? What would the space look and feel like? And so on.

Write this list down. You will be sharing it with your space and whoever assists in the clearing, especially if it’s a space clearing professional like me.

After you’ve determined what you need and want from the space, you need to get input from the space itself. (Most people can tap their intuition to get some idea of this, but it also helps to bring in someone who talks with spaces for a living.) This is why I call my method of space clearing Space Cooperating—because we are bringing the space itself together with you, the human, to jointly cooperate to negotiating change (clearing) that works for both sides.

Yes, in this step, you ask the space what it needs and wants. Start by sharing the specific things you would you like your space to help you with (your list, carefully prepared ahead of time). Sometimes these things are difficult, because you might be moving from the space.

Then ask the space what it needs and wants from you so that you, and your space, can cooperate so both sides are healthy and balanced. Stunning things happen when people ask their spaces what they need and want. They learn the space’s personality quirks and interests, they hear its thoughts on their work, they get tips on how to get along (both humans and the space), and they get support for their creativity.

I had one small houseboat volunteer its walls, ceiling, and floors as a canvas for its new owner’s art. The closeness that developed between them still makes me smile. The bonus? The owner’s business also soared. In a clearing for a technology firm, I had each person tap into their space, and they soon vied to make their partnership soar. A large conference room was unused, and the staff was not cohesive, so I suggested they focus a group activity in it: they ended up using the gigantic conference table to create a holiday gingerbread village, an act that both gave back to the community and delighted the team, which learned to put the fun back into their jobs.

Once you get answers from the space about what it needs and wants, set aside time to collaborate with it. Compromise (cooperation) is essential: none of us get 100% what we want or even need. If what a space wants is impossible, explain why, and offer alternatives. This is simply keeping a clear channel of communication between you and your space, which will help keep the energy flowing.

Once questions and issues are addressed, a formal clearing is in order (energy healing), which I’ll discuss next month. But please take this two-way discussion seriously, and monitor your business on a regular basis. Once you learn to use your intuition to be aware of what your space needs, you’ll stay ahead of clearing issues, and you’ll have one less difficulty in maintaining a successful business.

Very often asking a space what it thinks helps spur your own development, from expanding your personal and professional life to a soaring creative one. Spaces are our intimate partners, and the relationship and team-building that comes from sharing insights and desires creates a closeness that nurtures both sides.

It matters. You matter. Your spaces matter. Tell them what you need and want. Ask them what they need and want. Great things happen.

Spaces get clear. And so do you.

In Part 3 of this series, (September) we’ll cover the space clearing itself, from a big initial clearing to daily maintenance.

In the meantime, try the steps outlined above. What do you need and want from your space? What does your space need and want from you? You’ll be ready to mesh the needs and wants of both sides in the clearing ritual I’ll outline for you.

© 2016 Robyn M Fritz

Space Clearing – The First Step to a Successful Holistic Business

Space Clearing Setup

First published July 28, 2016 in The Natural Path

Part 1

Whether your holistic business is brand new or established, your first thought for maintaining and growing it should be space clearing.

I know, you’re thinking financing, client attraction and retention, staffing … yes, all those are essential steps. But without a clear space, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Here’s why.

We, and our spaces, are a complex bundle of energy. Everything we think, feel, do, say, all of our existence, really, is energy. Unfortunately, we don’t generally think of energy as a force in our lives, so we don’t always pay attention to it (and we can’t see it, only its effects). Then things suddenly don’t work, and we wonder why.

The “why” is energy, the unseen essence of a space, which needs to flow freely. If it doesn’t, it’s “stuck,” and that causes problems.

Let’s look at this strictly as it relates to your business space. You can tell if your space is thriving by how you, your staff, and your patients/clients feel in it. If people feel uncomfortable, tired, grumpy, uninspired, or simply lackluster, your space is probably stuck. Business can and will slow down as a result, because it’s harder to be successful, let alone thrive, in a stuck space. The answer is space clearing.

Think you’re fine, your business and employees are thriving, and clients are pouring in? Great. Help good things continue by, you guessed it, space clearing.

Space clearing is the vibrational equivalent to vacuuming and dusting. It keeps the energy of a space clear and moving—in other words, clean.

We tend to forget that nothing stays clear without assistance. That’s why we’re always cleaning—so things are spotless and inviting. Vibrational clearing is more intense than physical clearing because both people and their spaces (and the objects in them) are alive and have feelings (believe it or not). As people move through their day, bits of these emotions and thoughts spin off and are left behind in the places we visit—your office. As these bits mingle in a space, they can either meld into some awesome whole or, more typically, clash a bit (or a lot). It’s no one’s fault—it’s life.

Are you balking at thinking your spaces are alive? Fine, that’s an argument for another time. Instead, deal with the results. Notice how your space feels after a tense staff meeting or after a day of difficult client appointments. Depending on how your intuition works, it can feel heavy or dense, or look dull or cloudy. That’s stuck energy messing up your space—until you clear it.

Getting ‘stuck’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it’s part of life. What matters is how we deal with it. Paying attention is key.

You can spend a lot of time thinking about how people feel and working on that with whatever techniques work for you (psychotherapy, energy healing, staff meetings, play, CAKE), but if you don’t pay attention to the space you work in, you’re trying to get better in murky water. And you’d rather have the cleanest water possible, right? So here’s how you figure that out.


To create healthy business spaces, and keep them healthy, you first need a baseline. You get that by checking your space out, literally and figuratively. With all your senses.

Repeat each of the exercises below in each room of your business. Start by closing your eyes and concentrating on the task before you. Then proceed to the exercise, repeating it for every area or room, including outdoor spaces.

Sight: How does it look to you? Is it bright, dark, colorful, bland, messy, dingy?

Smell: How does the place smell—moldy, fresh, stale, empty?

Touch: What happens when you touch the space: a wall, desk, any physical part of it? Is it sticky, wet, rough?

Taste: Sure, you’re not actually going to taste a space. But imagine that you could. Would it be bland, bitter, sweet, fresh, sour, chemical-laden?

Hear: What do you hear in the space? Street traffic? Wind? Creaking floors? Silence?

Intuition: Of course you knew it was coming. How does the space intuitively strike you? To begin, you might want to close your eyes so you can be as “other-sensory” deprived as you can. Just be present with the space. Note how your body reacts. Note where the reaction is coming from (direction, room).

Is the feeling dense, heavy, light, too airy to breathe in, colorful, bland, dark?

The practicalities: Spaces are colored by what happens in them, just like our bodies are affected by our experiences. Knowing a place’s history can help, as long as it’s one element in your understanding of it and not the entire story.

What do you know about the spaces—have they experienced high turnover, unhappy or stressed humans, cold or heat?


Combine everything you know to determine areas that feel perfect and others that might need some focused attention. This is your baseline. The parts that need attention need space clearing. Be grateful for the others, and spend some time figuring out why they are that way (and keep them clear with regular space clearing as well). You’ll be clearing the entire space anyway.

In Part 2 (August), we’ll cover what you want from the space itself, from outlining what you need and want in a space, which is essential to fixing imbalances, to the step most professional space clearing experts (and business owners) don’t consider: learning what the space has to say about itself and the people it encounters.

In Part 3 (September) we’ll cover the space clearing itself, from a big initial clearing to daily maintenance.

In the meantime, here’s a first step to help your spaces get clear and stay that way: sea salt. Put a few tablespoons of sea salt in a small bowl in each room of your practice (or use Himalayan salt lamps). Sea salt is an ancient (and effective) clearing device, and will immediately make a difference in how your business feels.

Try it, and see you in August.

© 2016 Robyn M Fritz


Energy Boundaries in Natural Path

columbiteWe all have energy boundaries. We don’t all know how to work with them. Read about it at Natural Path.

Using crystals can help. This is columbite. I think it’s the most powerful grounding and protection stone out there. Besides Fallon.

© 2016 Robyn M Fritz

Intuition at thenatpath.com

nature matches technology 6-11-14I’m pleased to write a monthly article for a wonderful blog, Natural Path. They describe themselves as “(thenatpath.com) is a collective movement, a modern revolution aimed to bring the values of naturopathic medicine to every single person, across the globe. Every month, we bring you the greatest leaders in natural medicine, with real-world solutions to your health concerns. We have solutions for you. Join a community of thousands of health-minded individuals looking to transform their health and future.”

My first article is on making sense of your intuition. Enjoy it here. And please let me know what you think: how have you discovered your intuition?

Truth is, we are all intuitive. We just need to get busy and learn how to use our intuition, just like we need to practice any skill set.

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Why We Have to Let Go of Our Dead

Seattle sun dog, 6-11-14How can we let go of our dead?

We were talking about this on my radio show, Bridging the Paradigms on NewsfortheSoul.com on Jan. 18, 2016.

People were saying that they just can’t say goodbye and let go of their deceased loved ones, they can’t move on without them.

Let me tell you why we need to. First, let’s preface that with a beautiful quote pulled from a Daily Beast article by Pete Dexter and Jeff Nale (1/29/16) on the coming death of Dexter’s dog: “Dr. Parent does not like what he is feeling, and all there is to say about the next 10 minutes—if there is something more to this story than the end of a dog—it is that what you do when there’s nothing you can do can matter for a long time.” (emphasis mine)

Such beautiful writing, and so true! “What you do when there’s nothing you can do can matter for a long time.”

What you do when a loved one dies matters for a very long time. Here’s why: We are all souls, yes, souls who have chosen to experience life in organic bodies that will eventually break down and die. We are programmed to survive, so we naturally resist dying. Worse, our culture makes it harder because it refuses to acknowledge death. Worse yet, when we love someone, human or animal, we don’t want them to die. We came together to live, not die, and saying goodbye and letting go—those aren’t things we want to think about or live through.

See that quote above? When someone dies, what we do next matters very much. And what matters is that both sides let go.

The Gray Zone and Connecting Again 

Here’s why. Every dead person I’ve ever talked with says they wake up in a different place unlike anything they ever saw when they were alive, and far different from the last thing they remember seeing. It often appears as a gray or hazy place, like fog, which is why I call it the Gray Zone.

Now, don’t be afraid of the Gray Zone. It’s not tied to any religion or culture. The Gray Zone is simply the place where the dead literally wake up dead and hang out in until they choose to move on to what I call their proper afterlife. It’s in the Gray Zone that the dead gradually let go of the heavier energies that are part of being in a body. The faster they let go of the energies, the faster they move on to their proper afterlives.

While it takes as long as it takes, and there’s no judgment in that, time as we know it stops for the dead in the Gray Zone. That means their souls don’t continue their immortal journey until they move on to the afterlife and begin to heal. Their first stop in their proper afterlife is with someone like my dad, who runs what I call a Way Station for Dead Things on the Other Side.

However, the dead have to choose to move on to the afterlife. While many things can hold them back, one of the biggest is us—the loved ones they leave behind.

Of course they don’t want to leave us, either. We believe that loving someone means never letting go, when, in fact, once someone dies, we have to. Both sides are in different realms, then, and both sides will now move on in different ways. Whether we like it or not. Tough words, but true ones.

Part of our concern about letting go is that we think if we do we’ll never be able to connect with them again. What we don’t know, because no one ever told us, is that we will be able to develop a stronger, healthier connection with our dead once they have moved on to the afterlife. So we hang onto them—while they’re still in the Gray Zone.

But there’s a problem with that. Our souls are immortal, our journeys continue forever—unless we stay in the Gray Zone. The dead should stay there only as long as we need to for their souls to be ready to move on and rest up, review the life just lived, and pick a new experience. If we cling to our dead and hold them back, they might not leave the Gray Zone for a new experience.

According to my dad, the afterlife is quite the experience, “more than you could ever imagine when you’re in a body, and why you need to let go of your body to experience it.” But the dead don’t get the full experience of it until they move past the Gray Zone.

This is why you need to let go of your loved ones when they die. Moving on to the afterlife is the natural progression of life. Staying here and living is our natural progression without them.

Let me urge you to be brave and do one last loving thing for your deceased loved ones. As soon as you know they’ve died, jump in and tell them: “You’re dead. I love you. I’ll always miss you. We’ll see each other again. Please move on to the afterlife.”

I guarantee this will help. And I guarantee that it will make a difference, because ANYONE who is still alive can talk to their dead and urge them to move on, whether you think they can hear you or not, because they can and do.

I’ll go into this more in future articles, but here’s one thing I want you to remember, now. It’s fear that’s keeping you, and your dead, from letting go. Fear is the major roadblock for the living and the dead. For the dead it’s fear of losing the loved ones we left behind, fear of being dead, fear that we’ll never see them again. For the living, it’s fear of being alone, of loss, of never seeing them again.

But you will see them again, once you have both moved on to the afterlife. I know that. I’ve seen it. Deep down you know it, too.

This is the one thing that you can do for your loved ones that matters. Let them go.


© 2016 Robyn M Fritz