December 16, 2017

Birthdays and Soul Purpose: A Dog’s Life

Oliver Alki 7-24-17Happy birthday, Oliver Alki (July 28, 2017)! This beautiful boy is 2 today. Impeccable breeding, beautiful, healthy, a delight to be around, fun-loving and settling into the work he came to do. Many thanks to his breeder who gave up his top show pick because he believed me when I said this was the soul I sent to him to be born. It was a huge sacrifice for something he admitted he didn’t quite understand—he only knew he wasn’t going to get between us!

As little Ollie steps into his work of ushering in an era of peace and compassion and collaboration between beings of all dimensions–a job he insisted he could only do in a dog body with me by his side, so I said, yes, come back and go here to be born, I’ll find you, somehow!–let us all be grateful that we can grow our souls together, that sometimes we can recognize when another soul needs a boost from us, and that this conscious evolving planet we all share as equals is thriving and will continue to thrive because love is all it takes. It really is.

Robyn and AlkiToday I hope you share this post with others to remind us all that a human body is only one of many forms a soul can take to do its work in, and that some of the most profound and most critical work on our planet is being cheerfully and bravely undertaken by those wise old souls who have taken other bodies, some of them animal bodies, because that is the form they decided was best for their work. And that the human families they sometimes live in do their best to protect and nourish them so they have strong bodies and sound minds to do their work, grow their soul, and, of course, have a great deal of fun at the same time!

E-book now available! True stories animals and the afterlife!

E-book now available! True stories animals and the afterlife!

Today I am grateful that Ollie had the most wonderful, loving start any dog could have from a top breeder who cared about great health and temperament and knew exactly how much he was giving up to send his best show prospect to a pet home because deep down inside he knew something truly magical had happened.

And to my beloved Alki, my tri-colored boy who died too soon and leaped right back into another body to complete his work, I love you and miss you and, yes, I see your soul looking back at me through Ollie’s eyes. Just as I have seen that soul in so many other bodies since I was a small child. You do get around!

The world is more amazing and remarkable than we sometimes realize. I challenge each and every one of you today to embrace the magic and mystery that is all around you. To never give up, to keep moving forward, to embrace your soul’s work. You matter. Peace. Love. And good humor, always!

And, yes, souls reincarnate. Here’s my e-book on how this beloved soul came back to me, and how it can play out in your family.

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz


  1. Love to see other dog owners who are as close to their dogs as I am!
    Thanks for the great look into your relationship!
    Jordan recently posted..Puppy Starter Kit List: Save Time and MoneyMy Profile

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Jordan. From one dog lover to another! May you enjoy a long happy life with yours.