December 16, 2017

All Things Dog: 2017 Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

Ollie 2-21-17 1

Ollie the Cavalier

Images from the 2017 Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show—all about people and dogs and … dog sports! It’s the human-animal bond in action.

Some dogs need help getting around: the pet carrier is every bit as useful as it looks!

Herding dogs demonstrating how they work with ducks, who are showing how easy it is to show the dogs they are doing just fine.

Flyball was a new sport demonstrated. It’s for dogs of all sizes (and abilities). They race the course, jump on the platform to grab the ball, and then race back. It’s a competition (as a dog would say, it’s a ball, let’s go!). And it’s quite safe: the jumps are scaled for the smallest dog in the two-team competition. Here the highlight was a champion flyballer: a fifteen-year-old Papillon, the tiny dog with flying ears.

Agility takes a dog through numerous obstacles at top speed (defined as whatever speed the dog choose to go at). It takes time and patience but builds a strong team.

A dog show is a place where people who love dogs can meet people just like them—and learn about breeds they might be interested in. Remember to research before buying a dog, purebred or mixed-breed. Purebred breeders will be up front with you: does your athletic ability match the dog’s? How skilled are you at handling a dog? What will you and your dog do together?

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz